Daniel Bonrath
Once famous for its production of coal and steel, the ‘Ruhrgebiet’ nowadays is a melting pot of art, music and urban culture. My typeface is made from duct-tape and can be regarded as a graffiti and street-art influenced approach to the old german blackletter fonts.

Daniel Bonrath

Just a design student from the Ruhrpott with a love for typography and low-fi graphic design.

Favorite places

Urfa Ocakbasi: A turkish restaurant in a former workers quarter in Duisburg. Not just a kebab place but a real turkish barbecue with a good sense of hospitality.

Zeche Zollverein: A beautiful old industrial complex, that has been made accessible for visitors and nowadays houses a well known design museum. Must see!

Dellviertel: This is the closest thing to a scene-district my hometown Duisburg has to offer. It’s just a square, a small cinema and a brewery and it’s nowhere close to the likes of Berlin. But living there is still dirt cheap and you won’t have any trouble with tourists…never.

Baldeneysee: A green oasis in the middle of this vast industrial landscape that makes you feel like you’re in bavaria. And the best thing is: it’s surrounded by hills so you don’t see the factory chimneys on the horizon.