Atolón de Mororoa
Montevideo is a city populated mainly by European descendants creating a mixture of graphics and architectural styles. In that mix, art deco highlights. Since we were kids we played in the streets on our gray 3-by-3 sidewalks. Our typography is the result of those two things.

Atolón de Mororoa

Atolón de Mororoa is a graphic design studio based in Montevideo, Uruguay. We are committed to graphic design and experimentation, and have an extensive portfolio that shows the results of a collective effort.

Favorite places

Montevideo is surrounded by Río de la Plata. La Rambla is the avenue that goes all along the coastline. People go there to walk, run, drink and watch cars pass by.

Isla de Flores is the emblematic street where people plays candombe, an afro-uruguayan rythm played with drums. Every saturday and sunday hundreds of people meet there to drink cheap wine and dance. 

There are a lot of spanish bars on Montevideo owned by first and second generations of inmigrants. Las Flores is one of them where we go regularly to eat milanesa, croquetas, pizza and matambre.

Tristan Narvaja is a street in the middle of Cordón neighbourhood. Every sunday is turned into a huge fleamarket where you can purchase food, antiques, records, books, animals and everything someone can sell.