Marco Oggian
Milano typeface is based on, as the name says, the city of Milano. Milano is a noisy and chaotic city, with a little paradise area called Navigli. Navigli are little channels in the center of Milano, where you can chill yourself and drinking a beer seeing the beauty of the water. I love water.

Marco Oggian

I am a young Freelance Graphic designer and Art Director based in Laveno, a beautiful small town on the lake, Italy. I lived and worked in Milano and in Lugano (Switzerland) for 4 years. I have worked ever since with a wide range of project within logo creation, branding identity, font design and typography, photo shooting, fair stand creation and many more. Clients include True Color Films, Volcom Stone, Brekka, Refresh Shop, CreativeDa Korea, Tailgrab Snowboard, Color Propaganda, Nowpix and more. In 2012 I placed 2nd during the “Behance portfolio review” as the best Italian young portfolio. You can find my works on Dazed & Confused Korea, Marie Claire Korea, in “Absolutely stationery design” edited by Sandu 360, in BranD typography Issue and in “Best new design” section in Computer Arts Spring issue 2013.

Favorite places

Milano is the center of the Italian fashion and shopping as well. Milano's people says that if you can't find something in Milano means that thing doesn't exist. Is quite true, you can find everything you want and you need. Brera is the arts district of Milano. There you can breathe the ancient commercial atmosphere. In the morning you can find a lot of greengrocer and flower stores and all the people are really nice and kind, really hard to find in the inhabitants of Milano.

If you go to Milano you have to take a picture with Duomo! I don't really like it too much but inside is amazing. During your trip you have to go absolutely to Castello Sforzesco, Arco della Pace, Chiesa di Sant' Ambrogio, Museo del '900, Palazzo Reale and PAC. Milano is not a big city and has not certainly a big center. In two days you can easily visit it.

Everybody talking a lot about Design Week, is pretty famous. For me is like a country fair with a lot of fake creative people, boring and depressed. The same thing is for the Fashion Week but wait, this is my opinion!

Navigli is the part of Milano I prefer. There are a lot of young people and you make sure a good thing if you invite a lady to drink something with you! There is a magic Atmosphere. Really hard to find in Milano! Except when it snows. When it snows everything is beautiful