Jeffrey Bowman
The typeface is created from one of the most common trees in Norway, the Birch tree. The tree is felled and used for firewood through the cold winter months. You often see the wood stacked outside homes. The piles of chopped wood create natural but intricate shapes and forms.

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman is a designer/illustrator based in the mountains of Norway. His work spans across 8 years, creating bold, fun and inspiring work fuelled by a love of adventure and the outdoors.

Favorite places

Hemsedal – Norway. I live and work from Hemsedal, its a small mountain village, the whole place is my favourite place in the world. It has mountains that you can climb up, snowboard down, hike, camp and fish around. It is a really beautiful place. 

Loven – Loven is the indoor climbing and skate barn here in Hemsedal. Theres a really nice mini ramp to skate on the rainy days and an amazing new bouldering room, again an awesome spot when the mountain weather rolls in.

Hemsil – The Hemsil is the main river running through the centre of the town, it's one of the best places to fish, with around 5-10 kilometres to fish along you can catch Trout and more. It's an amazing way to spend the day. 

Ski Centre – This is my favourite place, especially in winter as it's where the snowboarding happens. Through winter I spend at least every other day up there shredding. And in summer its a great range of mountains to hike and camp in.