Stefania Quattropani
Eidyn is lower in the upper case. It’s the contrast. It’s the perfect planimetric geometry of Edinburgh city centre built in the same territory of the historic architectures of the old town. Eidyn is also a sociocultural metaphor of an ancient city enriched by the new diversities, without loosing own roots.

Stefania Quattropani

Curious. Dreamer. Ambitious. Open-minded. Collaborative.  Conceptual. Minimalistic. Swiss. I'm an italian graphic designer based in Edinburgh. Inclined towards the world of brand and visual identity, typography and publishing design.

Favorite places

PORTOBELLO: Looking at the sea almost makes me feel like being in Sicily.

DEAN VILLAGE: It’s a peaceful corner surrounded by nature, just a few steps away from the chaos of the city centre.

ARTHUR’S SEAT: An old volcano that gives an unique view of Edinburgh.

FRINGE FESTIVAL: The world's biggest performing arts trade fair. It isn’t a specific place, but it gets each street of Edinburgh, simply awesome!