Los Caballos
Buenos Aires is a temperamental, eclectic and disrupted city. Full of movement, it seems that Buenos Aires never sleeps. Freezing during winter, melting during summer. Right and wrong, order and chaos, simultaneously. Our typeface reflects this

Los Caballos

Los Caballos is a Design Studio based in Buenos Aires, founded in 2012 by Nicolas Di Filippo and Sebastian Fuks. Our method is simple. We distill the most important aspects of each project and communicate in the most effective way. We do not believe in formulas. We believe in research to find concepts and exploration to implement them. Collaboration is the main axis of the working process. We surround ourselves with talented professionals from various disciplines. Our teams are built according to the needs of each client. This practice enables us to respond efficiently.

Favorite places

Avenida Corrientes: The avenue where everything happens. Strange people walking under strange lights. A place you can´t go without a camera. Recoleta Cemetery: The most creepy place in Buenos Aires. A cemetery located in the Recoleta neighborhood. It contains the graves of notable people, including Eva Perón and some presidents of Argentina.

Biblioteca Nacional: The National Library looks like a giant robot head hiding underground. A nice building to get lost in.