Bergen is a really rainy, but lovely city. So we wanted our typeface to refer it's relentless stormy weather. We took inspiration from the shape of umbrellas. We also wanted it to look somehow nordic and a bit crazy, and gentle, just like Bergen.


Hort is a Berlin based graphic design studio made up of uniquely selected, creative and spirited people. Founder of Hort, Eike König often travels, running workshops and speaking at conferences and universities. He has visited Bergen before as had Cyprien the team member responsible for developing the typeface. Inspired by the time spent there, it was decided to work on a typeface based on the city.

Favorite places

Fløyen is a hill above the city, it’s really easy to get there and from the top you have an amazing view of Bergen and the whole region. From there you can go hiking, running, and lose yourself in nature.

Bryggen is the famous old part of town. It’s an old trade post with connections to Europe. The wooden coloured houses are a kind of symbol of the city. Bryggen is located along the sea shore, it’s a very nice place to go for a walk.

The fact that Bergen is quite small makes it easy to go from bar to bar which is really nice. If you are more of a metal or rock fan you definitely have to go to « Garage » a lot of the notorious Scandinavian and European rock bands started their careers there. If you like more artistic and alternative moods you better go to « landmark ».