Thijs Meulendijks
The typeface depicts the different cultures living together but apart in Antwerp. Its vertical appearance refers to the sometimes narrow-minded people and closed nature of people.

Thijs Meulendijks

Thijs is a young Dutch semi color-blind graphic designer specialized in advertisement and education. Like many creatives, Thijs is struggling to earn money for his job too. Nevertheless he enjoys what he does and always tries to make his work minimal and light-hearted, wherein everything answers its own function. Because of his perfectionism he doesn't like abstract expressionisme.

Favorite places

Museum Plantin-Moretus: typographic addicts that are into history have to visit this museum about the Plantin-Moretus family. They founded one of the biggest print shops of Europe during the 16th century of which much is still intact (or renovated). Their audio-guide really is a must. 

Konditori: this bakery, which is just around my corner, coincidentally opened the day I moved to Antwerp in 2013. They really bake the best bread in the city. 

Central station: since I'm traveling a lot, this obviously is the place to be. But you can't look behind this building. Inspired by the train station of Luzern, Switzerland this is said one of the most beautiful stations of the world.

't Stad Leest: If you don't like reading but you do like books, you can go here. They do sell (good) novels, but the largest part of their shop consists of art, illustration, photography, cooking, children, etc. Can't leave in less than 30 minutes, which is why I often avoid it to don't waste my time. I especially like drawings of birds.

Hendrik Conscienceplein: when you're visiting Antwerp you can't leave without visiting this historical square and the streets surrounded by it. It is if you're back in time, to when your grandfather's grandmother's grandmother wasn't probably even born. 

Cafematic: I often go to have lunch with my girlfriend at this bar. It's really cosy and feels like home. Their sandwiches are really tasty and you get some weird cake with your coffee. Even weirder is that when you order that cake itself, you get a piece big enough to eat for the rest of the week.

Museum aan de stroom (MAS): I like to overlook things, and guess what, the MAS has a panoramic roof which entrance is totally free! The architecture of the building itself is cool as well. It's like a big cube formed by turning every floor 90 degrees. So you're kind of turning circles until you reach the top.